What are my options for building a new website?

  • Custom Website

    • Hire a web design company to create a new website from scratch that will match your brand message and include any custom functions you are looking for your website to do. Most likely they will use a Content Management System such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. If this is you, visit our partner website ROI Web Marketing for custom website design.
  • Business Website Builder

    • Hire us to build your website using our Business Website Builder. A structured website template that is mobile friendly and customizable enough to match your brand and message, while being functional enough that you can expand on it in the future.
    • Has the ability to use custom scripts to assist you with your marketing and can be expanded on as WordPress is the platform that your website is built on.
  • Free Website Builder

    • Build your own website using preset templates offered by each of these companies. No expansion or custom programming is allowed. Not built on WordPress.
    • Is limited to the capabilities of the specific company’s website builder and doesn’t allow custom codes to assist you with your marketing.

We’ve created the following table to help you compare the website options available to you.

Free Website Builder
Not SEO-Friendly
CMS Depends on Builder
Client to Provide Content
No Internet Marketing Advice
Limited Customization
Restricted Hosting
Business Website Builder
Starting at $1750+tax
SEO Friendly
Discovery Interview to Assist with Content
Internet Marketing Advice
Limited Customization
Speed-Optimized Web Host
Custom Website
SEO Friendly
WordPress or Joomla
Content Writing (optional)
Internet Marketing Advice
Full Customization
Speed-Optimized Web Host