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Introducing the Business Website Builder by ROI Web Marketing.

Save Money and Time

Have us build your website affordably so you can save money for marketing it.

The concept of “build it and they will come” doesn’t exist. When you are launching a new website, it can be time consuming creating your own website. You might not even like it in the end and just be frustrated at how it looks or functions.

Get the Business Website Builder and have a stress-free website built by us.

View our tutorial videos if you’d like to maintain it yourself, send us updates and we’ll take care of it for you and can invoice based on our hourly rate, or order our monthly marketing packages to make your website work for you.

Benefits of the Business Website Builder

We Build It for You

Tired of building your own website and not being able to achieve Internet marketing results?


Save money on your website, so you can save budget for SEO/PPC to generate your leads. This website package is meant to be combined with an Internet marketing package to get the most out of your marketing.


Built on WordPress, not a restrictive website builder.

SEO Friendly

WordPress is the most SEO Friendly platform as it allows you to customize and add functionality without restricting your SEO.


Mobile-friendly template, which means your website is already coded to be responsive. This allows the content to show across all devices (mobile, tablet, desktop).

Content Writing

Our discovery meeting asks you specific questions to help us populate your content to be input directly into areas that our experienced Internet marketing specialists have selected.

5 Simple Steps to a New Website

How It Works

1. Discovery Meeting

Our discovery meeting is a 45-minute phone conversation in which we ask you specific questions about your company. In the interview, we’ll ask for your branding materials and content for the website.

2. Components & Elements

We suggest which components to include in your website and design the elements that need a designer’s touch.

3. Preview of the Website

We show you your website with a first-round draft of the website copy. We let you know what else is required from you to complete the website.

4. Fine Tuning & Polish

We complete final touches to your website build before making it live.

5. Website Launch

We handle making your website live. Need advice on how to do this? No problem. We’ve got you covered.

Recommended Monthly Marketing packages will help make your website found online.


Features of the Business Website Builder

  • Menu

    • Feature: The navigation bar will follow the user as s/he scrolls down the page.
    • Benefit: User-friendly navigation where the user doesn’t need to scroll back to the top to view what they are looking for. This improves user experience and keeps them from leaving your website.
  • Home Top

    • Option A:
      • Video or Slideshow with Text Box
        • Select an option to use a video or combine up to 5 images in a slideshow that directs the user to specific pages of the website.
        • The text box on the right is an area to quickly let the user know all about your business and how you benefit your ideal customers.
    • Option B:
      • Full-Width Video or Slideshow
        • Select an option here if you have a video that you’d like to display to the user or combine up to 5 images in a slideshow that sends people to specific pages of the website. The slideshow can have text overlaying content.
    • Benefit:
      • This area quickly shows what you are all about. Include key brand differentiators in here that intrigue your website visitor. You have 4-7 seconds to hook them into viewing more.
  • Home Text

    • This area displays your homepage content and includes the option of inputting one image inside the body content.
    • The right sidebar displays a general inquiry contact form. This is also displayed on every page for ease of users to inquire.
  • Latest Blogs

    • Blogging has many benefits. The blog feature is optional, although highly recommended.
    • The 3-column layout is proven to be the best way to display blog posts efficiently and looks great on mobile devices. Also, square images work best for displaying on mobile phones.
  • Gallery

    If your business has a lot of photos or products, this is a good way to get people to click over to that page by showcasing all the products you have directly on the homepage. This is an optional gallery function for the homepage.

  • Buttons

    These buttons direct the website viewer to visit key pages in your website. Direct them to where you want them to go. Which page of your website is most important? Send them there next after visiting the homepage. These buttons can optionally be displayed on all pages of your website.

  • Left Footer

    • Shown on every page of your website.
    • This area showcases your logo, slogan, and a brief explanation of your business. This ensures that no matter which page the user is on your website, s/he will know all about how your company benefits its clients.
  • Right Footer

    • Shown on every page of your website.
    • Your contact information, address, link to Google Maps for directions, and social media icons.
    • Benefits: This area displays the most commonly looked for information in order for the user to take action. If s/he isn’t going to contact you and is going to leave the website, why not have them visit your social media links to stay in contact and follow your updates in the future?

Mobile Ready

The Business Website Builder is fully responsive. This means your website will resize to any device whether you are on a small mobile device, tablet or computer.

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Affordable Websites Designed for Marketing

Get consistent results from Internet marketing with our website builder for businesses. When we build a website for you, we know what to ask in the discovery meeting and we know what to include in your website to generate the most leads. Most importantly, our Business Website Builder is affordable because you should be saving money for SEO and PPC.


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